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Virgin of Lourdes

Virgin of Lourdes
Virgin of Lourdes
Our Lady of Lourdes is one of many names given to the Mother of Jesus and honored by the Catholic Church and the faithful. According to the faithful, the Virgin Mary first appeared on February 11, 1858 to 14-year-old Vernadetis Soubirou, in a cave outside the suburb of Mesabiel in Lourdes. He has since appeared to the young girl 17 more times. During her appearances, the Virgin Mary told Vernadetis that it was the "Immaculate Conception", that is, that she had been arrested without sin, and indicated to her to dig a certain spot on the ground and drink water from the small spring she would find. At this point a statue of the Virgin Mary was erected and visited by millions of believers and there have been references to many treatments of people who drank water from the source.
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