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Virgin Ierosolomitissa FW

Virgin Ierosolomitissa FW
Virgin Ierosolomitissa FW
The miraculous Holy Icon of the Virgin Mary <> dates back to the 19th century and more specifically to 1870. All the testimonies agree that this icon was painted by the nun Tatiani, of the Russian Holy Monastery of the Myrrh-bearing Saint Mary Magdalene, through a vision and that it is the only image that depicts more accurately than any other, the Characteristics of the Holy Form of the Virgin Mary. It is still claimed that the Virgin Mary in a vision asked Tatiani to transfer the iconography to Gethsemani. Since then, the icon has been in the Holy Pilgrimage of the Theotokos Memorial of Gethsemane, where it works miracles.
Χρώμα ξύλου Brown
Image Content Virgin Ierosolomitissa
Theme color Silver-Gold
Shape Oval
Wood Style Simple Series
Icon Style FW