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SAVA Jewellery

SAVA Jewellery


The name comes from the verb cosmos which means adorn. Jewelry is called any ornament for whatever reason and if used it is one of the first areas of folk crafts.

From the prehistoric time, mankind was moved by the goods of nature that surrounded them and choose some of them to make ornaments. Such ornaments were necklaces and rings made of shells, beautiful sea stones, bones and more. There was an impression in these early years that ornaments are a means of power, of imposition, of creation, of appreciation by others.

In 2015 Slevori created the silver jewellery collection SAVA Jewellery with 925 silver jewellery. SAVA jewellery covers the most demanding needs of every customer and consists of the series ADORA, AMBROSIA, GAIA, FAVOLA & AELIA, as well as STAINLESS STEEL) Jewellery for Men and Women.

In 2018 the SAVA Jewelry Collection also added gold jewelry creating a powerful jewellery Brand both in Greece and abroad.

The journey to jewelry has just begun ….





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